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ETO Plate Carrier (COLOR: CO-OP BLACK)


Product description

ETO Plate Carrier is designed with two things in mind: light and durability. It is designed for 10in x 12in shooter cut bulletproof plates. It has the following features:

  1. WEIGHT: the AGILE and COMBAT editions weight 780g* and 810g*, respectively.
  2. HEAT CONSIDERATION: comfort pads allow air circulation, maximizing wearer’s comfort.
  3. MINIMALIST DESIGN: molle is integrated into the fabric using cutting edge laser-cut technology to create a minimalist yet functional design.
  4. DURABLE MATERIALS: the carrier is made from mil-spec materials that provide unparalleled durability in extreme conditions.
  5. QUICK-RELEASE: shoulder straps have built-in quick-release system.
  6. GRAB AND DRAG HANDLE: the handle is reinforced to ensure that it does not break-off during exfiltration.
  7. TWO SIDE OPTIONS: two side options available depending on the situation.

*The weights were measured without the bulletproof plates

Side option